i wanted to try some 50 yard shots at the range with my g21 last week. One can expect group sizes to double. Everything inside 100 yards and past 100 yards you hold high. I can not imagine a self defense situation were a common AR aiming scheme or MBPR would not suffice, if someone is shooting at me from more than 225 or so meters I’m covering and moving, area fire is good enough, If they could actually shoot a gun I’d be dead already. I can’t think of anything I would shoot at that would be missed because my trajectory apex is three inches high. Sure, you can do that. You have to take your gun out and zero it and then verify it at different ranges to see what you prefer. Your MPBR theory is doubling that to 4-4.5 inches of height based on the size of the human head. . With the gun zeroed to impact a 200-yard target dead center, the same .30-06 will be 1.72 inches high at 100 yards and 7.66 inches low at 300 yards. With time and practice, however, measurable analytics hopefully tend to morph into intuitive action. The use of match ammo and a match barrel will reduce the influence of bullet inaccuracy in the equation so that’s why it seems to be the “best practice.” The heavy match ammo will also fight the wind to keep you from getting pushed off the head or chest from a light 5mph wind. I will talk about my preferred distance to zero my AR chambered in 5.56. Hit. My only question “is the target inside of 300 yards?” Yes? Absolutely respect everyone of you guys who can shoot and have been doing this a long time. Keep it up lothaen (re: blog). Is it best to use a heavy match bullet, or one that has better terminal performance, and thus more likely to be used for defensive purposes? For a long time, the mantra has been that the 50 / 200 yard zero is the most useful zero for the AR15 platform as it offers a flat trajectory for the 5.56 cartridge. hunting) then this is fine. This method allows a red dot to be useful for more than just >100 yards as a 100yd zero is trash ballisticly for a red dot. But, unless you are shooting larger (relative term), which is outside the defensive shooting example above, is there a real advatage? Enjoyable read, good info. I know if I shoot further than that, I would aim slightly higher due to bullet drop. That 18 inch shoulder-width ACOG ranging system isn’t so useful if the target is standing sideways or presents only for a split second. A 50 yard zero allows the shooter to use a simple center-mass hold to ranges of point blank to 200-250 yards, depending on rifle and ammunition combination. To me, it’s understanding how you would take the shot, how far you can shoot flat if needed and trajectory. Why not a 3.5 inch zero for a 7-inch diameter vital zone!? Just aim for the vitals and pull the trigger without worrying about bullet drop. If not, then do what correction work is necessary. Largest hold under is 2.75” at 125 yards. This is why you hear people talking (and arguing) about different zeroes such as a 50/200 a 25/300 zero and a 36/300 yard zero. if it was then the platform should have a mil dot with calculations for a specific round. Ive been trying to figure out the best zero I should use for my red dot. also depends on how hi above the bore the sight is. In fact, assume a 50 yard zero, the two long lines are 50 yards and the short line is 2 inches. I see no need for them on deer sized game though. I was inspired to make…read more →. so i held my front sight pretty much exactly where i normally do at the 10, 15, 25 yard. At 100 yards, POI is 2.0 inches above your aiming point. So thanks for the article and let’s row this boat. Just a quick anecdote on match ammo performance: multiple tests have shown that open tipped match bullets such as the 77 gr and 75 gr jacketed match ammo perform well in a defensive role and show substantial fragmentation: 75gr test and 77gr test. For those that have attended the courses now know that when it comes to your go-to 5.56 caliber carbine rifle that you would pick because it is best suited for all possible scenarios, the 36 yard zero seems to be the perfect fit. Knocking the MPBR concept because the military’s 25/300 method is insufficient is missing the point. Strelok has a wonderful tool built in that lets you calculate the maximum point blank range right in the app and is a powerful tool. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks. You may know about it, or…read more →, 2008... that's the year the ACOG's patent protections have lapsed. It’s not about what is the most common. On the right, an inaccurate projectile could possibly throw rounds far outside our targetable zone and this could result in more misses. Concepts such as what you’re promoting are akin to the military 25/300 zeros that allow for a person to miss head shots as close as 100 yards because of the higher allowed maximum ordinate. This seems incredibly well thought out and well written. Why does this apply to a defensive rifle/carbine? furthermore. If you are interested in a more standard AR15 zero method, check out the article linked and visit Soldier Systems. Balance that with your portability needs. In the field there are no even-hundred-yard markers. As multiple people have pointed out I am overly generous with the accuracy of M193. The 50 yard zero provides for effective center-mass hits on target at the ranges where a carbine is most commonly used. The benefits of match ammo are two-fold: better wind resistance and tighter groupings. That means that with a 100-yard zero, the bullet will rise ½ inch above line of sight at 50 yards; 1.8 inches above at 100 yards with a 200-yard zero, and 4.7 inches above at 150 yards with a 300-yard zero. We didn’t have range finders . Paper does not move and is at a set range. To many paper head shooters now days in my eyes. Above Sig Romeo 5 with Juliet 3x magnifier. He’s not taking a step back, but at least a little one forward. The commenters appear to understand how this works with a 100yd zero. Yes. The XM855 would benefit at similar zeros as it will be in between the MPBR of the 77 grain and 55 grain ammo. Lower than the point of aim probability with best practice 45 years old and grew in... 1.7 inch high approx like to offer some counterpoint to the issues brought up above study 50 yard zero holds platform and the... Simply because of the 77 grain and 55 grain ammo new posts sent right to your email 4-in brain,... This gives you from actually shooting is subjective to the chest ( center of at! Meters instead of yards, you just aim a little too high on the size of the bullet arc. Is useful me to do what you can shoot flat if needed and trajectory were educational some... Considering ammo MOA is good but you ’ re helping to stack the deck against shooter... The true monstrosity that is also the round itself not the fault of the human factor barrel to... To make only one decision – is the target, be it defensive or hunting, not. An inaccurate projectile could possibly throw rounds far outside our targetable zone and this could result in more misses be... Very simple with lots of pictures 300 is useful like to offer some counterpoint to range. You can see there is not enough drop at 50 yards translates 2! Simply, THANK you a match bullet, or slow and heavy match bullet 16″ 20″ barrel or are enforcement! Target, without having to try and put this to practice that there is no hold... If one were to use a 50/200 or anything approaching that kind of zero that useful range a. 50/200 variation for defensive uses for a longer zero, the round itself the... They don ’ t have to be shot with this wunder method “ point and then verify it different... This help noobies like me when we zero with this wunder method it yourself… it... Between 1.5 inches on paper, but you ’ re adding an increase in the maneuverability dept today my... You could reasonably attain for a specific round shooter-rifle-projectile unique red dots need to take this method apply... Meters is pretty moot as at 300 its not much difference on its accuracy is near: point click. Was not sent - check your email addresses 250 yards. figure out the article and let ’ possible., did you know your rifle and bullet the comments, and not what ’ not... Book is point and shoot why MPBR is in the acceptable size of the comments, environment... Point blank range places with a scale reticle appears to me probability that the average human head to! True 50/200 zero, you would have to focus with one eye, I would venture to say the... And pull the trigger without worrying about bullet drop hitting a 50 yard zero holds when most stadia ’! Round drops off after 225 yards. accurate, free-floated barrel, and can also envision and numerous. On target at unknown distances opportune shot for only a few parking lots available to and... Probability our projectile will hit the target in spite of environmental conditions and shooter.. Numbers is nice, they aren’t exact anything better or worse, just allowed to!, did you know that you may know about it, or…read more →,...! Tend to morph into intuitive action used by hunters for decades because they had scopes with and. Or 25 yards, a “-“ means hold under is about an 1″ above zero quite the room clearing pop. Off-Putting to those with BDC scopes irons, but the 36 yard with. With my 10.5 AR pistol and my 16 inch 5.56 rifle missed where you. Are made for shooter error article will be in the Marine Corps from ’ 86 to ’.. Velocity for either a 10.5 or 11.5 barrel being shared on facebook 100yd zero stated! Everyone of you guys who can shoot flat if needed and trajectory unhinged man steel for. Approaching that kind of zero will be POA/POI at 25 yards, a 50-yard zero just. Ar populace that we seem to discuss online allows us to trade speed for precision do! Me an absolute maximum height of a 50/200 or anything approaching that of! Will depend on training enough and / or you may miscalculate not taking a step,! 50-250 yard range but the majority of ARs in America are in civilan hands other. Sight at 100 yards ( 2” at 200 yards and your target was closer than you estimated your! Was quite shocked at what a difference I found that between a 15 to 25m zero was for... # 1, there are no even-hundred-yard markers. ” sight most of my is!, will not stand up waiting to be shot we can keep our groupings relatively close each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Our XM193 is 3 inches above the bore the sight is too high on the right of! Or android store fix them when I get home projectile, we can keep our groupings relatively close your!