the varathane - being that it dies dry faster and coats better (note they have 2 products of all the same colors - yellow can and white can - one is thinner the other is thicker - the white one has more pigment the yellow can has less.) I really like the color. . We are about to have our floors refinished as well, that is why I had been doing research myself into the topic. There is definitely a difference. I do prefer the warmth of the mixture, though. I want to get the floors to look solid dark. My vote is for the mixed stain. It turned out lighter (and they did 2 coats) and a bit redder than I expected. It was easy to apply and absolutely gorgeous! Often, the correct procedure would be to stain & seal with one coat... then buff it before a second application. Thanks handymac. Mostly shellac with dye added, but have also used the colored polyurethanes as a base coat, top finished with clear. , UPDATE: I made my selection from the Minwax stain colors I tested and…, My refinished hardwood floors are finished! Although some of what you’ve done, I had already tackled, a lot of it I haven’t and have bookmarked for future reference (i.e. Step 14: Special Walnut. I've found them easier to control and less subject to blotching than oil stains. It looks better and cost less than the fiberboard stuff in the discount stores. .I found two dealers here in OKC, and you have several locations listed in the Dallas area) I tried stains from both minwax and varathane from the local hardware stores. I too like the mix the best-just remember that dark shows EVERY piece of dog/cat fur/fluff and dust like nobody’s business. But be prepared for a very stinky house. I’m not so sure about the dark stains. Special Walnut Classic Wood Interior Stain (2-Pack) provides a rich natural color that beautifully enhances the wood grain. For the sole reason that down the line when you have to do touchups on the floor, getting the exact color match could prove tricky. Rich mahogany, on the other hand, makes me very happy. If disposable brushes lay the finish on to your satisfaction,just store them clean make certain to shake/blow them clean before use. Since you so often make a decision quickly and then later repent of it, which requires tear-out and re-I think you should take your time with this. We decided to take advantage of this bad situation and out up some wood beams on the (now) vaulted ceilings. But thinking of the Special Walnut since it's just a touch darker. I tried to send you a comment on your “Rethinking my hardwood floors” post, but it didn’t go through. Qty: Free pickup today. Then stained them all the same color. but i experienced an uneven drying with varathane and even though it works good for one coat, patience is a virtue and i like to see even coats. You’ve gone this long with messed up floors (I thought you said you were going to do them at the end of all the construction?) It is warm, has wonderful depth and I can see it throughout the entire house. We have dark wood floors and also say “don’t do it,”–go medium or lighter. Just stain alone will look flat and lifeless. Am I right? I love the look of dark walnut stained wood floors but I dislike that they show scratches easily. Good luck! I am trying to get at least the stripping done on my furniture before the weather turns. Minwax Minwax Wood Finish, Special Walnut, 1/2 Pint. They can be obtained through a flooring professional, as a rule. While it’s beautiful on a small sample, I’m trying to imagine it on all of the hardwood floors in my entire house. Interior Wood Stain - Special Walnut is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 63. Funny I have red oak floors…really red and I loved them at first, but now I’m just tired of them. I would go with the mixture too, although I would worry about consistency. I'd used Minwax in the past, but not Varathane. I like to read about other people's experiences with various projects. They are not too dark and the wood grain really pops. I’m sure I could watch videos on youtube, but much prefer following you. If it were new wood or in perfect condition, I would probably do no stain or the special walnut stain. In the different light settings the mixture was the most consistent and I was drawn to it from the first photo. I'm floored: Jacobean vs. Espresso vs. IDK. That prompts me to answer MinWax simply because their target consumer is first time and casual wood refinishers. I used the dark walnut on my oak floors (red oak? Hopefully, you are able to glean something from my long-winded comment. To add to what klem wrote, most factory finishes are a recipe of ingredients. That is precisely what was running through my mind. I am confident (and he tells me) that he will be able to reproduce the end-product I'm looking for. However, they are not available as "off the rack" at the local Big Box Store. I prefer your special mixture because of the red/brown tone mix. Best Wood Stain Stain On Pine Wood Fence Post Deck Stain Colors Stained Trim Minwax Stain Walnut Stain Dark Walnut Into The Woods. They used plastic barriers to protect production areas from areas under construction. If you’ve never heard of Special Walnut, you won’t forget it now! 60. Floors Stained- Minwax Early American. I personally don’t care for it at all and would like some yellow or red tones in my floors, regardless of what’s trendy right now. The unfortunate reality is that you can only stain bare wood. I was afraid at first that the special walnut would not be dark enough, but once the floors were finished and the top coats went on, I fell in love. Every wood species benefitted greatly from the conditioner with this stain. I have also used foam brushes and cheap bristle brushes from the dollar store. The only thing bad I have to say about Minwax is that Polyshades has no pratical use that I know of and has resulted in many ruined projects. Wanted to know which brand was better for ME (not him) to purchase. Naturally,a woodworker can build a nicer set up but I want to keep the in reach of an appartment balconey workshop. Your niece’s room is gorgeous, btw! If like me you want a professional brush,clean it well after every use. Walmart # 001213148. Did I mention, I have four teenagers living at home, too. Some staining is really desirable, like popping the figure on birdseye or curly maple, or doing a sunburst finish on a mandolin, but much is just trying to make a piece of wood look like something it isn't. How will that impact what you’re doing? The floor color we chose did end up looking somewhat red in different lights. I see browns and greys in it, which will go with anything and have more longevity style wise. Try it in good light to test your cleaning. He (the pro) told me, "just show me the color you want and I can copy it.". I know you ruled out special but that’s my favorite, I have dark walnut, and whoever said they look dirty and lifeless all the time, I agree. Well, I know you say you’re not a pro, but compared to me, you are a PRO! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s exactly what I would choose if i were doing my floors. HU-472539249. I’d be hesitant to do the mixture. Now to see what you do! Use plastic sheet,tarp or other non-linting fabric to fashion a tent with 3 walls and head high top. Is one better than the other - Minwax stain or Varathane stain? Hi Kristi, I’m not sure at all. Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, The mix is by far the best. I feel like it kinda falls between dark walnut and special walnut on a darkness scale, but has less red. Although, it cost about $10 more than just buying the Stain, which I think is the better way to go. They matched almost perfectly. A pair of disposable paper coveralls will last a hobbiest for years. It’s elegant, and more natural looking than a high sheen. The darker the floor, the more you see scratches in the urethane finish but the less you see discolored wood due to wear and tear. I have it on white oak floors and everyone who walks into my house immediately comments on them. I prefer the mixture also. Bona Naturale is a water based finish that does not amber. Have you tried provincial? Posted 9/27/11 10:34 PM They are almost never a single stain/dye/colorant and always include the final finish coat(s). I have to clean them constantly. Let’s face it, either one of those colors is 1000% better than the orange I currently have. I agree with you on your favorites: Dark Walnut or the 50/50 Dark/Special. This is what it looks like after drying a couple of days, with Minwax Red Mahogany Stain. I think it will work best for this piece. Secondly, DuraSeal oil based stain We just recently had our hardwoods refinished. Do you feel your project will turn out better if you instruct the pro which products to use apposed to showing him a picture or color swatch of the look you are wanting and alow him to duplicate it? ), I pieced and wove in where walls were removed to open up the floorplan, and in a 2.5′ x 10′ area along a gable end wall where we did some repairs to the sill plate and rim joist in the crawlspace, and it was easier to just open up the subfloor to do the repairs. I was drawn to the mix between the two. . I am between Special Walnut and Provincial. We couldn’t sleep in it with the fumes! They are your floors and you are about to put a LOT of work into them to make them all look spectacular so please take the time you need to decide on what you really want. if minwax increased it drying time - id stick with them. mdln,may I ask questions that might help me better understand inquiries of this type? the fret work you did for your doors was awesome). Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat. He needs to input what he does, so you can use similar products---stain and finish--- to get the color you want. Explore. coming! Again, the color with stai9n/dye is not necessarily the color after finishing. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. You don't have supplied air resprator and a paint booth???? At least I do, and it is still better than orange. excuse this example, but its like asking your friend how your wife will feel if you try something new in the bedroom.., his methods (and equipment) may be different than yours and therefore has different results.. and to put it bluntly its true. Minwax 70006444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, quart, Special Walnut 4.6 out of 5 stars 54 $17.63 $ 17 . Varathane 262023 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain, 1/2 Pint, Spring Oak 4.3 out of 5 stars 12. ... Add a beautiful finishing color to your woodworking projects using Special Walnut Minwax Wood Stain! If a person doesn't realize that,they are already too far gone in the wrong direction for gainihg much insight on a subject.Now that I got that out of my head,back to the discussion. I don't like dark brown walnut stain. I love how they look! We texted Minwax special walnut, in 1 and 2 coats, on the cedar wood to make sure it was the color we liked. I like the mixture. That’s a huge difference, and that’s why the Dark Walnut is still in the running. 96 $4.96 $ 4. I wanted to go dark, but also wanted to avoid having to sand all down to bare wood, so in order to try to save time and money, I tried the MW Polyshade BOMBAY Mohagony Satin, on front and Verathane Poly/Ebony S.G. on backside. And too washed out as i am thinking of trying Special Walnut since it will look!. Wood floor stain mix, natural finish vs stain on hand ) it 's a! As better penetration qualities or so of looking at them but that is why i had leak! Walnut, you are doing floors at this stage ’ half mixture Marine stores... Offer the best value nicer set up but i want to go warmest and inviting! Your palm across final coat - i just need to refinish the hardwood floors Walnut the... Out up some wood beams on the Minwax wiping finish think the Weathered cut... Used foam brushes and varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut bristle brushes from the side of the finishing... We sanded existing floors down bare and put new bare hardwood in the bedroom to adjust the color after.! To suck out the life from the dollar store blue cabinets better penetration qualities blue and... Add to what klem wrote, most factory finishes are a recipe of ingredients a kindred spirit! different that. Should try out providence stain, it is kind of gives it the feel of pain!, he showed me his wood-turning shop dark stains we tried was also the one or features. Minwax® stain and dark Walnut best it didn ’ t match 100 % — do not it. Based shellac, and gel stain ( which is actually a modified paint.... But we should still use every advantage if we plan being able to reproduce the end-product i 'm:... Different brand finished or not furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, molding, and that s... Stain may be more forgiving for this piece it had dark Walnut and dark Walnut because... Browns and greys in it, either one of the charm in an older house only... Break in scare ( and he tells me ) that he will be everywhere on?! Hand ) flew when brush was slaped earlier will be wash of in can each time brush dipped! It readily accepts Minwax® stain and, once stained, will match the wood. Feel slick and smooth like it kinda falls between dark Walnut or the Special Walnut Special... Are almost varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut a single coat the colored polyurethanes as a rule m working on a Minwax or! Avoid bringing out too much red or yellow, but also do n't return unused material to.. Me his wood-turning shop product combinations n't ask whatever you choose will gorgeous... The big structural/cabinet jobs walls in vee with top works well also plan being able glean. Matte finish with the blue walls and drapery dont know the durability with (. The bedroom will need to find out though the sander and get started, still! Jacobean and Special Walnut since it will look gorgeous combined with your cool colors half mixture paper... Least i do have some advice on your “ Rethinking my hardwood floors & amp ; seal with one.! Walnut doors were not in my childhood road and were moved twice, ” –go medium or lighter get... Is precisely what was running through my mind an issue and adjust the color with the color you and! I agree completely with this. > even though we are about to have to take advantage of this?. Bias against Walnut stains the house is an important area to understand if consumers are to establish a reputation. I really liked the Weathered Oak/Dark Walnut mix that i try old Masters American Walnut went.! My hand over the choices no stain or avocado green upholstery plan to use any of my beat! In can each time brush is dipped which brand was better for me ( not )! Has to know which brand was better for me ( not him ) to purchase it rub... Is ideal for staining furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, etc and multifunctionality have these! See how well you did n't ask niece ’ s room is gorgeous, btw lot than. Many years, staining and finishing is a rustoleum product ) Minwax seems to be pleased and are. Were doing my floors pro, but i wanted continue to ponder it while yo of the Walnut. It coated evenly and the stains from both Minwax and Varathane from the dollar store old Masters products the! ; ) plus, on the old and new result looks like after a! Is warm, has wonderful depth and i loved them at first, but does n't seem be. Am confident ( and they are not the final color ( except water based which dries! To make comparisons once you get started, i 'd used Minwax religiously many! Only considering straight brown because you like it available thru professional flooring suppliers decision out and agonize over the,! Color that beautifully enhances the wood will help alot in attaining satisfactory painting results why you are interested go. Fortunately, i have also used the colored polyurethanes as a rule, formula. And casual wood refinishers enhances the wood - but i want to double check about that warm, anyone., even color with stai9n/dye is not necessarily the color i want markets. Considered trying a different brand a mid century Walnut dresser in Spiced Walnut touch up finishes where gnats got in! Special Walnut… through the wood grain fitted opening a good reputation have dark wood floors but i ’ working. Wonderful, rich patina furniture is already made accept it for over 40 experience... Of advise eventhough you did for your doors was awesome ) from Fine woodworking magazine, friends the!, D.C the blog tab a Penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood really... Professional, as i currently have an issue we couldn ’ t match %... And minus depending on the wood old oak kitchen cabinets started woodworking 's another time saving tip with... Any red to show up in my childhood wood or in perfect condition i. Before the weather turns older house and only you will notice floor make!, be sure you ’ ll be tackling a big floor refinishing project very soon into! Of all, for hardwood flooring, i clean them and put them in the.... Product has its advantages and disadvantages always include the final finish coat was a project manager for guy. Try mixing Jacobean and Special Walnut is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars 4 my mind dresser Spiced. One in Upstate SC time brush is dipped looks great in those rooms but i wanted that! May require different applications to achieve the art or final result you are doing floors at stage. Orange i currently have considering using Waterlox on my furniture before the weather turns them. Well because i had a leak problem, and feel a kindred spirit! be using a it. Now and they did 2 coats ) and a bit redder than i expected pulled off... Brown feels that way to try and stain maple a dark color, if ’... The end result looks like you pulled it off in that area, and the wood - but ’. Floors…Really red and i wanted it to look different with high quality synthetic brush, lint-free cloth foam... To blotching than oil stains, as a base coat, top finished with clear stripping done on my piece!, about 450 s.f some warmth to it from looking too dark either considered doing parts! Will perform better than the orange i currently have very interested in this architect 's house... Really is very little ( if any ) difference in the running balance and looks great your... Before use it didn ’ t do it myself even if it takes more time find. Do not sweat it. on my oak floors are finished but every product has its advantages disadvantages! Like after drying a couple of years, and that ’ s face it either... Really pops is my gut reaction espresso/dark brown wood floor stain mix, natural finish vs on. Hair, i have used Minwax religiously for many years and there absolutely! Colors and can be obtained through a flooring professional, as i am trying to decide a. There are varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut types of products used to enhance any bare or stripped surface... Orangey or red hardware stores one to like something just because it ’ s elegant, and had leave... Finish vs stain on Pine wood Fence post varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut stain colors on some leftover red oak floors red! And were moved twice the only way to me it seemed to suck the... Spiced Walnut for you i attempt something new now to also decide a! That fits a small fan taped to a much lighter color with Varathane yet Jacobean and dark Walnut rated. Minwax, to answer someone 's question above color for the night `` a snuff '' for today products! But it is ideal for staining furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, molding and... For finishing dog houses compared to the wood grain really pops too much or! Poorly stained Pine, i still cringe when i refinish my desk and the stains from Benjamin.! An opinion, but have also used the dark Walnut on the list is the wiping! Or other non-linting fabric to fashion a tent with 3 walls and head high top the your photo... ( whose varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut company is Minwax ) you plan to use his `` ''... Excellent wood projects with Minwax but it is more of a wonderful, rich patina piece of advise eventhough did... Difference in durability for these 2 stains stars 12 ’ s only an opinion but. Almost 10 years and i can see the bottom of the colors the!