Joined: May 7, 2007 Posts: 13 Likes Received: 0. I personally own a Celerio AMT and has driven it close to 20000kms. Joined: Nov 21, 2009 Posts: 41 Likes Received: 0. He expects his customer to shut up after spending 11 big ones?! Once gear is shifted and clutch opens, everything is back to normal till the next gear shift. Final Words Good Experience not to TRUST the vehicle mahindra TUV 300,its  not Road worthy as the claim of Mahindra. Re: Clutch Problem Historically, FIAT cars attract crap customers actually. I am fed up with this car now. clutch goes all the way to the floor with no resistance. Read all about how to diagnose your own clutch system problem to help prevent some potentially serious problems further down the line. It is very dangerous to drive the car with the problem. Maharashtra, India. What an amazing performace !!! 1,969 Posts #3 • Mar 23, 2011. Discussion in 'Land Rover Discovery' started by Disco-94, Jun 21, 2011. nice car mahindra tuv 300 plus and its colours are very attractive and the car mahindra tuv 300 plus is very spacious also and its height is the only car for a large family is the tuv300 no car company understood the but mahindra this could be driven in b. tuv300 is the best choice buying than bolero good controls but driver side one touch window is necessary and rear a/c is needed. It has major clutch problem and it keeps recurring once in 3 months. I am sure if Mahindra deducts even Rs10 from Mr Santhanam's pay cheque he will make a big noise and would not like to hear someone telling him that he is just making unnecessary noises. M Mr. Ganesh. i know it has to be one of these 2. i just put a new clutch in last year. Awaiting AML's decision about replacement of parts or components under Warranty. I don't agree this as a problem in the TUV. Utterly appalling. What makes it particularly bad in case of TUV300 is the power or rather lack of it. Problem solved. A Toyota clutch can slip for several reasons. Clutch Slips . So far the only problem i faced with AMT is, when going uphill or climbing a ramp. Step 1. We are a loyal customer of mahindra and mahindra from 2000 and having more than 15 car, we have purchased two mahindra and mahindra tuv 300 the details is as follows 1) vehicle number 1 Registration number-mh14 gn 9911, … Replaced twice in 87000 km, First time after only 42000km. This video is unavailable. Yesterday the clutch pedal went on the Disco, straight to the floor and stayed there etc. What a can of worms! However, if the vehicle comes to lower speed, to extract the extra torque you either shift down to quick surge or press accelerator and over a period of time the vehicle gathers momentum in MT. Brought to you by the experts at Classic Trucks Magazine! There is big difference in driving a hatch, a sedan or SUV or even one vehicle to other. Hey Ezee, I have posted my hypothesis regarding what 'could be the probable problem' of the jerks. They bring out some great cars, but the reputation of the previous models, and it's huge discounts (Not the 500 mind you) tend to downgrade things a bit. SAme nonsense given about driver inexperience although I have … Have lost trust in Mahindra cars. Facing so many problems in mahindra tuv300. < Previous Thread | Next Thread > disco_ian New Member. This answers it all, "How is one expected to know about a vehicle or AMT", Okay, let me decipher some things for you folks from what I understand, Discussion in 'Land Rover Discovery' started by disco_ian, Dec 1, 2007. Hi folks, I searched the archive but didn't find anything 100% relevant. Never thought that it would come with so much of teething problems. Watch Queue Queue This is the root cause of jerks or speed variations at slow speeds. However, the vast majority of clutch problems can be traced to just a few possibilities, which minimizes the time necessary to perform the repair. Even though the vehicle is done only 18000 km, they say this is not due to manufacturing defect !!!. A review on Mahindra TUV300 [2015-2019] T8 - by Santosh Kumar A - Complaint Regarding Mahindra TUV300 Clutch Plate and Flywheel Gone Bad in less than 20 KMs. Having a pride in owning a TUV 300, was waiting for the most aviated version of Mahindra and took delivery of an automatic version by the end of march 2016 by replacing my special edition bolero model 2014. in first gear TUV is programmed to move at speed of 9kmph and in reverse at 7kmph without throttle input. But after owning this tanker, i was disappointed from the first day after taking delivery. My TUV 3OO purchased on 13-11-2015 ( 5 months) with Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd ( Mahindra dealers ) suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the road. My my! Quality TUV300 Car Spares. What could have … whats the difference between clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder. Home New Cars Mahindra TUV 300 Plus Mahindra TUV 300 Plus FAQs Clutch plate price of Mahindra TUV300 Plus. My vehicle is still under guarantee. If ignored, flywheel replacement may be required which increases clutch repair costs by 30%. Tyres @ 60000, until now there is no problem for the clutch. Clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing replacement resolves common transmission related problems for Maruti Suzuki WagonR. In AMT as the torque is decided by the sensors, for quick surge of power, at lower speed the vehicle will down shift. All AMTs are designed to be this way. sometime hear a click sound when clutch is all the way down. The owner has to learn it and break the speed in heavy traffic using brake pedal pressure. I have already raised a complaint calling 18002096006 ( The guy said that I will get a call from area manager of Mahindra in one day time ) .Unfortunately I am one of the earliest owners of Mahindra TUV3OO and bought the car without waiting for the users feedback and got carried away with the looks. Do not buy Mahindra TUV 300. Determining the precise problem with a Toyota clutch requires that the clutch be visually inspected and, in some cases, disassembled. Submit a Complaint . Hello All, Can any one help? All AMTs are designed to be this way. Clutch d’origine: Remontée a neuf, rampes, rouleaux glissières et o rings ( certifiée par Nounours) Clutch CVTECH: Flambant neuve setup Outlander 800. This is true in case of upshift / downshift and emergency braking. A review on Mahindra TUV300 [2015-2019] T8 - by Vijay Merugu - TUV T8 White - Isuue with Gear Box and Clutch. Diagnosing a clutch problem properly can save you time and money by pinpointing the issue and avoiding unnecessary maintenance. As a driver, one it should be more responsible on how his or her vehicle would behave on different situations before venturing into serious manoeuvres. TUV300 AMT transmission software manages speed & RPM while clutch operations, that is clutch opening and closing. I do not know what kind of people Mahindra has at senior levels who give such replies to their paying customers. Mahindra is doing everything wrong in handling these issues going by Mr Santhanam's reply to you. I dont know how much Mahindra can do in this case but these are serious life threatening issues and Mahindra should be ashamed of selling a product like this in the market. Problems started with heavy jerks within the first month of purchase which was partially solved by flashing a new version of software, but gave birth to a new kind of problem of TUV300 occasionally sounding like a truck and AMT warning light flashing continuously. Genuine or OEM TUV300 car spares handled by best TUV300 car mechanic to deliver quality at affordable prices Doorstep TUV300 Steering Problem in Chandigarh. The vehicle uses lot of sensors and and the owner should first get used to it before venturing into sharp overtakes. The Service Engineer confirmed the gear problem but said the clutch is absolutely fine.And surprisingly with gear in slot and clutch depressed completely, when the brake pedal is released,the vehicle has forward movement at 5kmph! TUV300 Steering Problem in Chandigarh Packages . I have never been comfortable with these semi automatic transmissions and have always said that there are far too many variables to consider. This is an all new SUV that will be launched. During clutch close fuel supply to the engine is not stopped, vehicle accelerates even when the brake pedal is engaged and there is no A pedal input. on Jul 23, 2019 . As of now the TUV300 AMT feature informed to me verbally by Mr. Nikhil are - 1. When pressing the break, at 30-40 kms, obviously it should down shift, this should be done even on MT. Q. Value for money by TUV300 mHAWK100, TUV T8 White - Isuue with Gear Box and Clutch, Write a detailed review of a car and you can, Complaint Regarding Mahindra TUV300 Clutch Plate and Flywheel Gone Bad in less than 20 KMs. Every month car is taken to service centre atleast 2-3 times but it has been 10 months they are unable to resolve the problem. Similar problems with clutch. Sorry to hear about the troubles owner is facing. I have purchesed my mahindra tuv 300 in August 2017 I have so many issues in my car from starting pickup problem alinment problem rear allaiwheel rocking driver side average problem only 11 12 .contact local dealer so many times contact customers care no but issues are as it is he is unable to do solve this problem resisting you kindly solve my problem and guide me what to do . Drove Scorpio for 10 years and was extremely happy. returns very slowly if at all. There i just switch over to manual and also use parking brake if i need to stop on an incline. [Resolved] Mahindra And Mahindra — complaint regarding auto transmission sensor of mahindra and mahindra tuv 300. I bought a new bellevile spring and bumped up the pretension it fixed the issue so that I can disengage the clutch with one finger and don't have to take all my fingers off the grip. sandeep asked on 29 Jul 2019. Now, if these are the problems that I have to face in the first 5 months of purchasing a brand new car I really wonder what sought of issues I should be facing in a few months, I am completely depressed and feel like I have been cheated 10 lacs. I don't agree this as a problem in the TUV. Diagnosing clutch probelms. 1999 mitsubishi 3000GT clutch problems? The above issue is purely how any AMT should function. 300 TDI Clutch Problems. My xuv 300 pb10ha8070 bought from dada motors ludhiana in march is going through a manufacturing problem in clutch which is not resolved till now. This was attended to after showing them the video proof of problem and to solve that problem, they changed the ECU (flashed … This led to buy another Mahindra product TUV. 2005 Honda TRX300EX SPORTRAX EX Parts, 2005 … After some time I managed to put the vehicle in 1st gear & parked on the side of the road. Owner has to fight diesel torque, high RPM … < Previous Thread | Next Thread > Disco-94 New Member. Check out TUV 300 T4 Plus BSIV colours, Features & Specifications, read Reviews, view Interior Images, & Mileage. Chuck the AMT guys, sell manual transmission only after you know of the problems. Clutch plate price of … Same behavior is seen in upshifts too. The problem I noticed was that the pressure plate wouldn't lift evenly as the spring seemed to apply uneven pressure. CarWale: 12th Floor, Vishwaroop IT Park, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400705. no pressure. The TUV300 first off all I must say is imposing, for a sub 4-metre SUV the TUV300 almost dwarf's its closest competitor, the Ford EcoSport. Read More. The vehicle was towed to the nearby Mahindra workshop, 'VVC mahindra at Hightech city' and VVC Mahindra dealer said that the clutch & flywheel are damaged and need replacement. Get packages @ fixed prices. 3 months ago | RAMESH V P. Tuv 300 A budget one review. AMTs simply cannot be driven like MT. Door step TUV300 Car Service Pick & Drop. Will keep us posted on the developments. The total cost quoted was around Rs 45000 ( Forty Five thousand Rupees )  ( please find the quotation attached) and asked me to pay. I got as far as putting the new primary on, but when i went to tighten the bolt, it bottoms out before it fully tightens - i have about an 1/8" gap between the bottom of the bolt head flat and the washers which sit flush against the clutch. I am happy with TUV300 T8 after 5years, I love TUV300. By understanding the sounds and actions of a failing clutch, you can repair problems on everything from your car to your riding lawn mower. You can save a lot of money if clutch related problems exist in your car, provided clutch repair is carried out on time. BRAKE AND CLUTCH: MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE DOT 4” Genuine Brake fluid: 0.9 liters : If Maximile DOT 4 brake fluid is not used and in emergency conditions, use Brake Fluid Meeting SAE J1703 FMVSS NO.116 DOT 4 OR IS 8654 TYPE-2 Specification and change it at 30,000 km or 2 years whichever earlier ENGINE COOLING : MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE ULTRA COOL” GENUINE LONG LIFE … No big TUV300 car repair bills. Mahindra TUV 300 T4 Plus BSIV Price in India is Rs 8.54 Lakh. Virtually all motor vehicles have some sort of clutch mechanism in their make up. I have bought TUV 300 two years back on 26Sep2016 and it has gone to GSP service center for more than 10 times in last 2 years for some or other problems. Never having installed a new clutch, the job seemed fairly simple. Dès la sortie du Garage (Contant BRP Mirabel) dans le stationnement, j’ai été surpris par l’engagement rapide et la sensation de fermeté de la Trailbloc. Mahindra XUV300 Review in Hindi. No proper action has been taken till now.