There must be as little movement as possible. We stock a wide variety of accessories for flutes and other instruments. It's also designed to cup the thumb so that there is absolutely no slippage. The birth of the flute ; The relatives of the flute ; Structure. Helps beginners position their thumb and index finger correctly on the flute. Of the left hand supports available from various manufacturers, it is probably the most versatile for different hand sizes and positions. Similar to Bo-Pep Thumb Guide. 98. If you haven’t used the thumb Bb this will give you a reason to learn it. ... Right-hand thumb. The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company closes early today (Christmas Eve) and New Year's Eve, and is closed the Saturdays after Christmas (Dec. 26) and New Year's (Jan. 2). One or more extensions may extend radially outward from the body. Skip to main content; Skip to main navigation; Skip to site search, contact, help; Skip to footer navigation. It helped Ho-Fan a great deal, but, because of his early injuries, he was still having considerable pains after practicing for merely 15 to 20 minutes. Faxx Thumb Positioning Rest for Flute. You need to treat these injuries right away though, before they get any worse. We've included overviews of the various hand positioners and support stands available, below. Whatever the natural look of your thumb – don’t change it. When a student has this issue, the shifting movement is often visible from the side and may cause small breaks in the sound. Special orders are welcome. Faxx Thumb Positioning Rest for Flute. Do not pull your right arm back too far- push forwards so that your shoulders are above your hips. The force (A) created by this angle can be seen as the sum of two partial vectors: one supports the flute from below and the other counters the horizontal rotation. The Bo-Pep flute thumb guide fits on the right thumb, providing a natural and larger surface to ensure the correct position. Jiayouy 5pcs Flute Thumb Rest Cushion Soft Silicone Finger Cover for Flute Wind Instrument Black Purple Pink Yellow Rose Pink. Set of 2 pieces. 4.0 out of 5 stars 21. - Under the F key, on the thumb's tip, with the thumb pulled well back so that it is more "back" than "under" the flute. Canomo Pack of 20 Soft Rubber Flute Plugs Open Hole Plug Flutes Repair Parts Accessories, 7 X 3mm 4.7 out of 5 stars 163. Helps beginners position their thumb and index finger correctly on the flute. The Thumbport guides the player's right thumb at an efficient location and provides additional support. Related Products. The Prima Thumb Rest (also known as the Kooiman rest) is the best choice if you tend to clamp onto the flute with all your might - it opens up the hand more than the other thumb rests, which allows the fingers to relax and move more easily. These hand positioners are small white semi-sticky pads you can place on the barrel of your flute to prevent slippage while playing. If you already have these and should be using them, please do so - your hands can't take care of themselves, and there is no shame in using technology to keep yourself in the best possible health. Sofort lieferbar. For over twenty years BG has been designing and producing the finest wind accessories for players of all ages. BG Non-Slip Cushions: These are the best fit for flutists with secure hand position but who experience some slippage. How do you position your B thumb? $12.99. That is, the … The Thumbport allows greater balance in holding the flute. Do not pull your right arm back too far- push forwards so that your shoulders are above your hips. In this video, Mr. Selfridge goes into more detail on how to hold the flute. They are great for training the hands and fingers to be in the right position. Faxx Flute Thumb Positioner Really good copy, and as good working, of the world famous Bo-Pep. Comment Report abuse. $11.98 $ 11. However, because it leaves the thumb directly below the flute, it doesn't change wrist angle as much as the Solexa Thumbports - the benefits of which depend on, of course, the individual. Learn about finance & get tips to help develop good financial habits. Flute. For a video overview of the thumbports take a look at our video Supporting Your Right Hand with the Solexa Thumbport, or read on: The thumbports sit right underneath the F key, and they provide a slight ledge for the right thumb to bring the hand back and the wrist up. And it’s more relaxing for your hand – which is very good for long-term hand health. CIELmusic Flute Sound Improver, Flute Safety Sounder CL202 (Option: Silver / Pink Gold) 3.5 out of 5 stars 11. Prima thumb rest for flute. Then you’ll see trad players with their upper-hand fingers held … This little accesso.. AUD$12.00 . Post by LarryS » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:22 pm. It may be slightly different for you then me, it may be a little close to one, or it may be a little closer to two. I would not recommend trying to switch these to multiple instruments - just buy extra sets.